Apr 26, 2017


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Release Date: April 10, 2017

New York based ALIGNED BEVERAGE SOLUTIONS, LLC has been appointed by AMBER BEVERAGE GROUP (a subsidiary of SPI Group), to represent their MOSKOVSKAYA® VODKA and RIGA BLACK BALSAM® herbal bitter brands across the U.S., effective April 10, 2017. MOSKOVSKAYA® VODKA had previously been represented by Stoli Group.

ALIGNED BEVERAGE SOLUTIONS, LLC (“Aligned”) is a New York based wine and spirits sales and marketing firm launched in late 2016. Led by Chairman, Hans Christian Holst, and CEO, Jay Harkins, Aligned’s business model is based on taking a hyper-focused approach that is specifically tailored to each brand and it’s individual positioning and growth strategy. Harkins manages the US operations for Aligned and had previously served as the CEO of Blackheath Beverage Group, a US based sales agency. In addition to serving as the Chairman of Aligned, Holst is the Chairman of The Island Rum Company, which owns the Black Tears by Vigia Cuban Spiced Rum brand. Hans is also the CEO of Arctic Beverage Group and sits on several boards of businesses that he has been involved with since their inception.


AMBER BEVERAGE GROUP, LTD (“Amber”), is the international wine and spirits company based in Riga, Latvia where it also serves as the head office for the SPI Group businesses in the Baltic States. Amber was created with the ambition of becoming the leading beverage company in the Baltic and Nordic Regions. By uniting key brands, assets, and companies, Amber has optimized strength and scale on both a regional and global level. Today Amber unites over 1,400 employees in several companies across the Baltics and is the region’s leading producer and distributor of almost 500 beverage brands.


MOSKOVSKAYA® VODKA is an award winning international vodka brand that embraces over 100 years of history and traditional production methods. The rich history of Moskovskaya® Vodka is rooted in the Russian Empire when the current vodka production facility in Riga, Latvia was established in 1900. For more than a century it has defended the finest traditions of quality, delivering vodka satisfaction in its most authentic form. Moskovskaya® has a strong global footprint and retails at approximately $12.99 per 750ml bottle in the U.S.


RIGA BLACK BALSAM® or Riga Black is an indigenous Latvian herbal bitter that is a traditional blend of 24 distinct ingredients, resulting in a unique and refined taste-profile. With a solid history of more than 260 years, Riga Black is one of the oldest living brands of herbal bitters in the world. Today the legendary beverage is sold across 30 international markets, with over 4 million bottles produced every year. The Riga Black range includes the contemporary flavored versions Riga Black Currant where the original recipe is enriched with blackcurrant juice, and the rum-based Riga Black Element. At a 45% ABV, Riga Black has recently gained notoriety within the cocktail and bartending communities.


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